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30mm Engraved Stainless Steel QR Coded Pet ID Tag / ID Disc

30mm Engraved Stainless Steel QR Coded Pet ID Tag / ID Disc

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30mm diameter QR CODED stainless steel pet ID tag, engraved both sides.

QR stands for "Quick Response" and while they may look complicated they are relatively simple. QR codes are able to store lots of data (much more data than we could possibly fit on a tag) and no matter how much information there is the QR allows the user to access all the data within the QR instantly.

If you order a QR coded tag you can specify a completely different set of information to be contained within the QR code on the reverse. We are at your disposal to engrave whatever data you require.

This stainless steel ID tag and will most likely outlast anything you have ever had before because the material is hardened and tempered for industrial use and it will not rust.

The tag can easily be read in the event your dog is missing by anyone using a QR code reader or scanner.

Each dog tag is supplied with a durable split ring. When walking please ensure that dog lead is clipped to the D ring on the collar and not on the split ring.

Ideally, all tags should comply with UK law insofar as every dog ... "while in a highway or in a place of public resort shall wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar or on a plate or badge attached to it."

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