Caring For And Cleaning Your Plaque

Taking Care Of Your Brass Plaques And Nameplates

Typically, these are manufactured and supplied with a polished finish which develops a characteristic patina and becomes rustic with time and use.  

Patina is created by a reaction of the metal to the environment in which it lives. Outdoors there is obviously rain, pollution and sea air for example. Patina develops naturally through cycles of wet and dry weather combined with acidic or salty atmospheres. Indoors, plaques and signage can get scuffed or damaged, all of which can create or add to a patina.  

Care Instructions   

Installation: If you order a plaque without holes do not use acid-based adhesives, such as found with many silicone brands for fixing. Choose a natural adhesive such as CT1 or HB40 and always check suitability for your own installation situation. Be careful not to get adhesive transfer onto the metal face side. 

Cleaning: All finishes can be washed with mild soapy water with Fairy Liquid, and a soft cloth but do not use surface cleaner wipes. Natural mirror finishes can be refreshed with Brasso or Bio-Mex (which contain non-toxic ingredients) and microfibre cloths. “Renaissance Wax” is also a widely used product developed by the British Museum in the 1950’s for polishing and waterproofing and more information can be found at Natural brass finish can be burnished with a Spontex pad or “Pre-Lim" to remove unwanted patina and regain a new appearance. Do not use acidic or alkali products.