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Personalised Engraved Natural Slate Weather Forecasting Stone

Personalised Engraved Natural Slate Weather Forecasting Stone

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This item is a 100% accurate, finely tuned meteorlogical instrument.

These fun, natural slate weather stones measure 12" x 8" (30cm x 20cm) and are supplied with all fixings.

We engrave these to a depth of about 0.030"(0.8mm) to 0.040"(1mm) which gives the slate a more natural look and feel. We pay the utmost care and attention to detail with these.
It is important to be aware that slate is a natural product and every piece is different, the colour of the writing may vary slightly from the pictures shown. The engraving is mostly an off white colour but can be greyish, white or a yellowish in colour depending on the piece of slate.

The writing changes colour when wet but will return to normal when dry and this should be considered when ordering any natural slate product.

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