Race Medals & Race Prizes - eco-friendly and great looking options

Race Medals & Race Prizes - eco-friendly and great looking options

Medals, plaques, trophies, t-shirts – the mementoes and prizes people receive for finishing a race can mean so much to people. Even though the vast majority of walkers, runners, cyclists or swimmers will never win a race, it’s nevertheless a fantastic achievement to simply finish a race

However, those prizes are often expensive for organisers and made from materials that are very energy inefficient and not eco-friendly. Here are some other options for race prizes and mementoes that are more personalised and more eco-friendly

Wooden race finisher medals

Wooden race finisher medals are a great option for many reasons. For example, they’re made from renewable materials so their impact on the planet is much less than other options. They also have a lovely tactile feel to them which makes them nice to hold. They’re also much, much cheaper than metal medals

However, how do you personalise them making sure they also last?

Printing is not always the best solution. The inks can fade over time and it’s usually a much less precise way of getting the text and images onto the wood. It’s also not necessarily a cheaper option – printing has to be set and done professionally. It’s not something you can do yourself.

A better option for wooden race finisher medals is laser engraver. It’s fast, efficient, and cost effective. With modern technology you can laser engrave images and text. Best of all though it won’t fade over time

Metal race finisher medals

Metal race finisher medals are currently the most common type of race medal. However, they’re often very expensive to produce.

A better option is to use a plain medal and laser engrave the text and images on to it – a great option for multi-medal production. These can also be easily personalised, for example, first place V40, etc. Medal shapes can be laser cut and the contents then laser engraved – made locally and with a much lower environmental impact

Perspex engraved race medals

Did you that you can laser engrave Perspex? It’s fast, cheap and very efficient compared to other options. It also produces and much more interesting race finishing prize. Images and text can be engraved and personalisation is also something that can be done quickly and easily too

You don’t even need a specialist producer for these – using a local laser engraver, they should also be able to laser cut the shapes too

Perspex race prizes

Similar to Perspex race medals, Perspex race prizes (such as trophies or plaques) can be quickly ands easily laser engraved making them personalised and unique. A much cheaper option than metal, the effect is striking and unusual – everything you could want from a race prize!

Engraved glass race prizes

Laser engraving glass is now a very accessible option when looking for race prizes and race trophies. Glass laser engraved trophies look great and you have the flexibility to add text or even images – often a much more cost-effective option than traditional chrome-plastic or brass

Slate coasters race prizes and mementoes

The best race prizes are the ones that not only look and feel great, but also have some practical value too. For example, laser engraved slate coasters won’t ever face or ware out. They’ll live happily on your coffee table indefinitely. A laser engraved coaster is not only a really unique and special race finishing, but it’s something to promote your annual race far into the future! That’s a great idea if ever I’ve heard of one!

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